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Turkiye Wealth Fund’s Values

Turkiye Wealth Fund will structure its operations in accordance with international best practices

Our Values Description
PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT TWF will take as basis globally accepted management principles for both its own operations and the management of companies in its portfolio
TRANSPARENCY Reporting of fund operations and interaction processes with portfolio companies will be carried out in full transparency and in line with the specified governance principles
PERFORMANCE ORIENTATION Priority objective of TWF will be to ensure that risk-return expectation is met in all kinds of investment activities and management of companies in its portfolio
SUSTAINABILITY TWF will manage practices, new investment preferences and other activities with regard to its assets independently of external influences and in a sustainable way in the long term as stated in the law of establishment
RISK MANAGEMENT AND ACCOUNTABILITY TWF will identify risks that may arise from its operations and report them regularly TWF will perform its duties regarding its practices in compliance with the law of establishment and the relevant regulations